A teacher from Orange Walk got her time to shine last week in a ceremony carried out in Belize City. The Ministry of Education held the special ceremony to honor and recognize outstanding teachers in our country, and awards were presented for the most outstanding pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational and special education teachers. The recipient of the outstanding award for pre-primary education was our very own Rinelva Valladarez, a teacher from La Inmaculada Pre-School.

Teacher Rinelva Valladarez (show her holding awards) is in her 16th year of teaching and has been teaching pre-schoolers for the past six years. On Friday she was awarded for being the most outstanding teacher in pre-primary education.

rinelvaRinelva Valladarez- Outstanding Teacher

“I’m happy an honoured that I won and got the Outstanding Teacher of the year Award 2010/2011. It is an honour to represent Orange Walk District and to represent La Inmaculada School.”

Teacher Valladares says that through experience she feels that she has mastered the challenge of teaching.

Rinelva Valladarez- Outstanding Teacher

“Teaching is challenging but I love challenges so that is what we do everyday we encounter the children with different attitude different ways to be and we try to work with them.”

While patience, understanding, and dedication are necessary ingredients in teaching, the most important one is very simple, she told us.

Rinelva Valladarez- Outstanding Teacher

“To make an outstanding teacher is to touch the children at their hearts, to be with them, to feel with them, to know what it is that they want everyday, how they behave, you need to learn about them and get to know each one of them individually.”

Today Valladarez dedicates the recognition of her hard work to her family.

Rinelva Valladarez- Outstanding Teacher

“This award goes to my family, my husband, my children my daughter ruby, my son Kirver, my baby Abner, my mom who is in Douglas and to my colleagues, my administrator, my principal of La Inmaculada School, my parents and my students.”

Tomorrow morning Valladarez will be a guest on the Open Your Eyes show on Channel five so be sure to tune in.

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