Screen_Shot_2014-02-04_at_6.38.03_PMThere have been sporadic campaigns to encourage civic pride among Belizeans countrywide. This is even encouraged in various schools and by environmentally conscious civilians. However, there is that part of our communities that make the efforts all the more challenging and every so often members of the public have to endure unpleasant sceneries of pollution and defaced buildings.


This is the case of members and executives of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Orange Walk Chapter. Tourism Information Officer, Jasmine Zetina, contacted our offices to bring their contention to public notice for one reason only – to reiterate the importance of community consciousness and pride. According to Zetina, members of the BTIA chapter had only repainted the BTIA office building last Wednesday in an effort to cover areas that had graffiti. It was a small project that took some time to fund but only days after the wall was once again defaced.


Jasmine Zetina – Tourism Information Officer, BTIA, OW


“Sunday afternoon when I came here at the office I was angered and appalled at the same time sadden at the fact that the back wall of the centre once again has been graffiti and this around it has been done even worst, the persons went ahead and graffiti the post and did their art work and as well as on the sign here where we have the BTIA Orange Walk sign.  The BTIA Orange Walk members have decided to stand and say you know what enough, we actually have had enough of this and we are trying very hard to get our Orange Walk community, our town beautified and moving forward.  We are not going to give up we still going to continue strive for it and we can only move forward with it in orange Walk with the help of the community and we are trying together with the community to make Orange Walk a better place to visit and a better place to live in.”


Zetina says they will file a report at the Orange Walk Police and asks the public to please assist by providing any information available on the perpetrator or perpetrators at the police department.

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