Screen_Shot_2014-02-20_at_8.42.08_PMThe movement of taxis across Corozal Town was slow this afternoon and that is because over a hundred taxi drivers pertaining to various taxi unions in the Corozal District were attending a very important meeting with the National and Municipal Transport Department from the Corozal District and the Corozal Town Council. We can tell you off the bat that the meeting turned out to be quite heated as several issues affecting the taxi industry were laid on the table. Reporter Victor Castillo has more on the story.

Victor Castillo - Reporting

The Andres Campos Civic Center was the center stage, for a meeting between Corozal taxi drivers,   officials of the Corozal Transport Department and Corozal Town Council. With the taxi industry being the bread winner for hundreds of families it was important that all stakeholders attend the meeting where a number of issues affecting the industry were discussed.

Richard Quan Jr. - Senior Traffic officer

“As you can see I am pleased that I had over one hundred taxi drivers concern.  We be having a this meeting every three months with the taxi drivers for them to give their concerns because the only time I see a taxi driver is when they come and pay a ticket so now we want to have this communication with them so that we can have a free flow of traffic running.  The concerns of passengers is that they are saying that the taxi drivers are stopping on the road and taking passengers which they are endangering the lives of passengers.  So the meeting today was to indicate to them that the sanction for obstructing the free flow of traffic which is fifty dollars and we are just telling to work together and as you could see the meeting was fruitful and it seemed that we will have a peaceful and harmony after this chapter which starts today.”

Among the topics of discussion was the revision of several laws under the Taxi Act. The concern and suggestions of taxi drivers were taken into consideration. But the meeting turned rather ugly when the subject of the run to the Northern Border was brought up since apparently there is rift between two of the unions.

Taxi Drivers

“We have different taxi Unions and we have by the bus terminal four taxi Unions that are close to each other and then we ask the question who gave permission to that Union to park over there and somebody had to have given the permission.  Last week ago there was an incident in front of the bus terminal and I want to suggest and to bring this point to Mr. Ariel who is my good friend and there was an incident that happened on the 15th of February between two groups and this is the first time and a lot of people asked the question is that how the taxi people behave around the site. Guys we are working together, we are working for our families and let work together and stop the fight because this is not good.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“There is an issue going on with two particular Unions in Corozal Town, what has the Traffic Authority done in respect to this situation?”

Richard Quan - Senior Traffic officer

“After this we having a meeting with the two Unions and the four presidents and the two Unions are agreeing right now to respect one another’s taxi stand and the issue that we have is that this Union goes and picks up people at this other Unions’ stand but today they have decided that once they left their taxi Union stand they will not interfere with any other taxi stand and go to the border, so from today forward let see if it will continue with these mischievous acts with these other drivers. We showed them some laws and if we have to enforce the law we will do it on them.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Now, how does this work does a taxi Union decides on the tariff that they will charge from point “A” to point “B” or does the transport assigns it specifically, reason why I have noticed that two taxi Unions on the same route, one charges $2.00 and the other charges $2.50 is there something that could be possible done because obviously people will go where it is cheaper and I guess that is one of the main problems as well, what will the authority do in respect to this?”

Richard Quan - Senior Traffic officer

“This is where we will stay behind with the four presidents because the tariff should be done by the transport department so we will discuss the details with the presidents but the tariff should come from the transport.”

We will have more on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.

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