Screen_Shot_2014-04-08_at_7.43.07_PMThe pillage and blatant disrespect for our natural resources in Toledo keep plaguing the southernmost district as loggers are stripping off the rosewood in our forests. These illegal activities have been occurring for a while now and authorities at the Forest Department have their hands full in monitoring the situation.


On Sunday, our colleagues at PGTV TV got a call about illegal logging in the Trio area. Information was that the pieces of Rosewood flitches were being taken to a location in Bella Vista Village. Acting upon the tip, the crew found all this freshly cut and unstamped Rosewood, about seven thousand board feet stowed away at the PG entrance to Bella Vista Village, deposited about half mile off the road.


Activist Wil Maheia says, he gave the information to the Forest Officer at Savannah Forest Station, but today the Chief Forest Officer reports that they only found a single individual in a pickup carrying ten pieces of Rosewood totaling about 160 board feet. Maheia told us via email that if the authorities had moved faster on this haul they could have confiscated it all.

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