Screen_Shot_2014-11-07_at_7.47.56_PMReading is encouraged at very early age for children and the Education center in Orange Walk is encouraging this in schools. Today, as part of that effort, the Belize National Library Service and Information System along with the Education Center here kicked off a reading competition among primary schools within town under the theme, Growing with Reading”. Senior Library Assistant at the Sandy Hunter Library in Town says the purposes are many.

Elena Carballo – Senior Library Assistant, Sandy Hunter Library

“Today we are doing it on Orange Walk only on the town level and we are not including Belize school because of financial constrains but the objective of our reading is to promote reading, to promote literature especially Belizean Literature to boost confidence, to foster the development  process of  healthy competition and to upgrade the awareness of the connectivity education libraries and literacy, as you know the libraries mandate is to provide literacy to all so this is one of the ways we are trying to get the children encompass into the system so that they know ok the libraries there we have books, we can read, time for study reading competition basically prepared if they are in the libraries all along.”


Each school from town sent a student to represent them in one of three categories. The organizers selected a story for them to read for which they got fifteen minutes to prepare. In category three: third place was won by Alexandra Cadle, second place by Andre Briceno and first place was awarded to Valerie Blanco. The competition is being held countrywide and each champion will meet for a national competition on November 28th in Belize City. The last reading competition was held in 2000 and was discontinued due to financial constraints but organizers hope to keep up the momentum now that it has been revived.

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