Last year in July residents of Orange Walk East marched in front of the offices of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize Honorable Gaspar Vega to protest reports that educational funds earmarked for their constituency would be handled by Vega instead of Orange Walk East Area Representative Honorable Marcel Cardona.

After much back and forth the Ministry of Education finally agreed to award the educational grant to Honorable Cardona who was then able to assist a number of primary, secondary and tertiary level students financially.

That was the situation last year and for the upcoming 2011/2012 school year, residents of Orange Walk East are concerned that history could repeat itself. On Wednesday a list of names of students of Orange Walk East requesting educational financial assistance was delivered to the secretary of the Minister of Education the Honorable Patrick Faber.

Upon delivery of the list however, residents of the area were informed that the Minister of Education was going on holiday on the 25th of July and he would not be in office until mid August. Today residents of Orange Walk East hope that Faber at least took a look at the list before he went on holiday.

marielaMariela Ramirez- Parent

“This year we are hoping, Mr. Patrick helps us again on the east and I think by him accepting the papers we don’t have to do like last year which we had to demonstrate for him to give us the final assessment because it is not for Mr. Marcel or me it is for the children of our country for the East.”

Residents are also concerned that the present relationship between their Area Rep and GOB could affect the grant approval.

Mariela Ramirez- Parent

“For us being friend with Mr. Marcel is shouldn’t be a problem any at all because the help is not going to Mr. Marcel it is going to our kids, it is not for me nor for him because we the parents voted him in and so I think he is the Area Representative and AI think they should still give him the help for our children because our children will be the future for tomorrow.”

The list delivered to Belmopan consists of names of more than 300 students attending primary, secondary and tertiary level institutions.

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