noimageLast week we told you about the caterpillar infestation affecting the almond trees located at the San Estevan RC School Campus in Orange Walk. Today after a whirlwind of trying to get confirmation on the anatomy of the insect from Officials at BAHA, Agriculture Department and Public Health, our efforts proved futile.

When we visited the school today we confirmed that the problem persists even after two initial sprays with some unknown chemical or insecticide from the officials.

Our observations today revealed that the caterpillars have consumed all the leaves from 9 almond trees and are down to their last tree. Several of the caterpillars on the last have transformed into pupas and in turn have metamorphosed to some white moths. These moths appear to be flightless and seem to cling onto the remaining leafs from the branches. Officials from the school say since the spraying took place early last week, a number of the caterpillars have died off leaving a putrid stench in its wake.


The school’s administration is asking any entity to help since at the local level, not much can be done. Tomorrow, we were promised an interview from an official at the Vector Control Unit and so we will bring that report to you in our subsequent newscast.

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