Screen_Shot_2015-06-25_at_6.54.50_PMSo what’s the expected outlook for the remaining 13 days in the Sugar Cane Crop season? That is the question we posed to Chair of the SICB, Gabriel Martinez today who is calling on all group leaders to give priority to those farmers who have not been able to deliver or meet their quotas.

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“The challenge is those farmers who have not delivered their quota, some who haven’t delivered a piece of sugar cane, we are calling on all the Asscociations and all the group leaders to ensure and to do their very best to have these people to deliver their cane and it is for the benefit of all and I see that apart from the weather considitions to be a priority as we go through these last days in the crop.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Will you guys access a percentage of cane that will be left undelivered?”

GABRIEL MARTINEZ – Chairman, Sugar Industry Control Board

“Not at this time, however there is a study being carried on by SIRDI and we are having a meeting of the Sugar Industry Control Board next week Wednesday at which time we will have a status report on that study which will give us an idea of basically on how we are finishing the crop in terms of the amount of cane that was deliverd and the amount of cane that is still on the ground so basically next week we will have an idea about that.”

Next week, we’ll bring you figures of the cane undelivered and left in the fields.

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