Corozal Police Formation has a new commander. He is no other than Superintended Dennis Arnold, who has been at the helms of the department for the past week. Now as every person in charge Arnold has his work cut out for him, after all he will be dealing with crime issues.

Today we sat down with Arnold and asked him about his plans to keep crime on the down low in Corozal.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-21_at_7.47.39_PMDennis Arnold - New Commander Corozal Police Formation.

“I believe that Mr. Ramirez was doing an excellent job in Corozal and I will just continue on with what Mr. Ramirez had implemented and just built on it, we would have the crime investigating officer out there and myself will be out there and I have just form another team today from members of the different villages, sometimes nothing happening in the villages so I bring them in from time to time to do patrol in town and in the villages also.”

And when it comes to police brutality and corrupt cops Arnold says it’s something he has zero tolerance for hence why the open door policy at the department, will remain.

Dennis Arnold - New Commander Corozal Police Formation.

“I have an open door policy and if they have any problem they come and see me I will be working closely with members of the community policing office here in Orange Walk and we will continue to do the COP program, we will continue with the People’ coalition, we will continue with the meet and greet, we will continue with the Youth Cadet and also with the neighborhood watch groups.”

According to Arnold the public should feel free to visit the department and lodge their complaints and also feel free to take and video or pictures of officers acting unruly or breaking the law.

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