imagesThe youth arm of the People’s United Party, the Belize Youth Movement today issued a release expressing its discontent with a recent publicized announcement from the University of Belize. The release says it is calling on the Board of the University of Belize to recall the newly-imposed mandatory insurance scheme for students registering for the new school year. BYM feels the new fee will act as yet another prohibitive factor for young people who are already struggling to access tertiary-level education. Statistics show that a staggering 93% of our youth-adult-aged population does not access tertiary-level learning. We recall that the cost of UB fees increased for students following the cancellation of the Government’s student-subsidy in 2012 and other increases in fees every other year. The release further states that and we quote, “ We are not against the idea of offering insurance to students as an option and with proper notification, but all indications are that the stiff decision was arrived at without any form of consultation with the student body and imposed without notice” end quote. It ended calling on students to speak out and reject the mandatory insurance and on the University to withdraw the decision forthwith.

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