As mentioned the First Caribbean International Bank vesting bill was tabled in yesterday’s House Meeting. The bill will provide for the transfer of banking assets from FCIB to Heritage Bank. And while Government is aware that 60 FCIB employees will join the ranks of the unemployed, both the Prime Minister and Member for Mesopotamia Michael Finnegan ridiculed the leadership of the CWU, Audrey Matura Shepherd. For his part Finnegan stated that Matura Shepherd must do her job as head of the union properly and stop behaving like a quarrelsome man.

We revisit that verbal attack made by Finnegan in the Honorable House yesterday.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-16_at_8.24.36_PMMICHAEL FINNEGAN – Member for Mesopotamia

“First of all I am not going to call her an empty vessel, I won’t be unfair to her and I am not going to say she was a low grade attorney, I will not do that I will be very fair to the lady  but the lady must do her job as head of the union properly. Stop behave quarrelsome man. When you behave quarrelsome sir, from my 65 years of experienced you do not get things done. Especially if you are representing people. If you are representing your own self and you want to be an idiot and you want to be quarrelsome, that is different because nobody else get hurt in the process. Anytime this union leader get up and she talk, all she talk is Dean Barrow and Dean Barrow this and Dean Barrow that. I don't know what Dean Barrow do that lady. Or why that lady doesn't like this man. But you must have done that lady something, because every time that lady gets up, she is disrespectful of the Prime Minister of this country. I will not say that. I will be very respectful to the lady, because I think the lady have some abilities too sir."

Those statements made to ridicule Matura is not being taken lightly by the
United Women’s Group, (UWG), of the People’s United Party who today issued a release condemning the ‘continued disrespectful and despicable behavior of the UDP members of the House of Representatives during House sittings.’ The release says, “Such boorish conduct is cowardly and completely unacceptable. Mr. Finnegan brazenly abused his parliamentary privilege and immunity in attacking Matura Shepherd who was not present to defend herself. Other UDP Ministers and the Prime Minister were seen to be throwing their heads back with laughter”, end quote. The release ended calling for the Special Envoy for Women and Children, the Women’s Commission, Church Leaders and Civil Society organizations to join UWG in saying enough is enough. 

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