IMG-20151102-08216The celebration of “Dia de Los Finados” is a long lived tradition in the Maya, Mestizo and the Garifuna cultures. The first and second day of November is traditionally when family members remember and commemorate their deceased loved ones. Over the years, this cultural custom has been forgotten in Belize, and for this reason the Banquitas House of Culture has taken the initiative to revive the tradition. Today’s “Los Finados” celebration merged religion, cultural and authentic traditional cuisine into one area, all remembering the dead …. Coordinator at the BHOC, Cindey Rivero says this year the event is being observed at the Old Piemonte Cemetery


“We have three alter that we have displayed here and we have different dishes and local sweets and different traditional food that we have and we have the candles, this one in particular is what we use for the kids whereby we have more traditional sweets, el Caldo de pollo just to invite the souls  as a celebration of an offering for them then we also have on the other side the altar mayor whereby we also have different traditional foods, sweets and in honor of them, we also have another alter for the lonely souls we have that as well and we have today a new altar for the Maya and that is right at the entrance and it is very traditional and everything that is use there is gotten from our natural environment so today we are having a prayer and we invited the entire community to come and celebrate with us dia de finados or as you may know it Dia de Muertos .”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“There is a distinct differentiation between All Saint Day?


“At first they celebrate as all Saints Day which is believed that when the kids come out and then the infants and then the All Souls Day when everyone so we decided to do it every second for everyone so as well we invite the entire community to come out.”

The Dia de Los Muertos festivity, dedicated to the dead, was inscribed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2008 on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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