He graduated at the top of his class from Bishop Martin High School and then went off to St Johns Junior College in Belize City from where he graduated with highest honors receiving an associate’s degree in Biology and now he is off to one of the most prestigious universities in the World, Harvard. We are talking about Angel Navidad, who becomes one of the first students in many years to be accepted and offered a scholarship to the high-status university.

But the road to Harvard has not been an easy one for Navidad. Today he visited his former high school, where we got the opportunity to speak to him. He told us while it was tough for him to remain focused on his goals and aspirations, living in a society where drinking and partying are common past times for the youth at the end it all paid off.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-07_at_8.11.06_PMAngel Navidad -

“First of all, you separate yourself from all of that if you care because apart from the studies you do it like the science person and all of that and I was really interested in all of that so I think it is something that I like and I worked hard at it and I gain results so I guess find something you really like doing and stick to it.”

Despite his hard work and never ending dedication, Navidad says he attributes his latest achievement to his parents and past teachers who are an instrumental part of his success.

Angel Navidad

“Most of it is them, I think if you look at I’ve been to so many different schools I didn’t achieved this on any of those it was just like study, it was until I came to Bishop Martin and St. Johns I started doing like SG and all of that so you really, really need to get the push from the teachers and the support and the trust and your parents as well so yeah a lot depends on the teachers and the parents. I had long been aspiring to go to college under a scholarship because I know that we couldn’t pay for it, didn’t necessarily say Harvard but I was like if don’t apply I will never know you know so might as well apply so it turn I got it so a bit of luck I’d say yeah.”

While attending Bishop Martin High School Navidad garnered an immense amount of achievements including, single handedly winning the first ever Sagicor Visionaries Challenge. Today when we spoke to Principal of the High School, Luis Pook, he spoke about the admirable level of focus and dedication coupled with great humility which led Angel to excel greatly while at the high school and graduating top of his class.

Principal Luis Pook – Bishop Martin High School

“Angel was the kind of student that would go 150% to do what he needed to do, he slept very little at night even during the weekday when others students were relaxing he would make sure he would put in all of that effort to make sure he was excellent in all of his subjects. Always at the head of the class when he graduated he actually had the highest GPA for the graduating class.  We are very, very happy that he has achieved what he has achieved we hope that other students can emulate the achievements that Angle I think that still he will continue to be doing out there because I don’t think that be any means this is the end of what we will see in terms of his academic achievements I think we will hear about Angle in the future with Master’s Degree, Phd and may some type of important discovery alter on.”

For Bishop Martin the hope is that Navidad latest achievement becomes an inspiration for other students.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-07_at_8.11.19_PMPrincipal Luis Pook – Bishop Martin High School

“We hope that people will look at a school that lays a foundation and so that students can have that kind of achievements later on in life, Bishop Martin is a young school we are just thirteen and a half years old right now but we can provide a background, we can provide an academic foundation for students that can lead them to have the kind of achievement that Angle have and I hope that people can see that.”

And according to Navidad going to one of the world’s leading institutions is not an unattainable goal and his word of advice to the younger generations is to simply apply.

Angel Navidad

“The number one thing I’d say is to apply yourself to studies and apply yourself to what you want and at the end actually apply to Harvard because I don’t know how many people had applied so if you get reject ok cool if you get accepted you know you get accepted so you never know if you don’t apply.”

Navidad is scheduled to leave Belize in the first week in August to attend classes that will commence in September. Angel will be perusing an undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry.

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