Screen_Shot_2016-04-19_at_8.04.43_PMYesterday Special Envoy for Families and Children Kim Simplis Barrow, the founder of the Lifeline foundation, visited three schools in the Corozal District including the Libertad Seventh Day Adventist School whose faculty and staff was more than ready to receive her.

Kim Simplis Barrrow – Founder of Lifeline Foundation

“Life-Line black and white gala is coming up and normally we look at one of our districts and we focus on the schools there and this year around is give your heart here at Corozal, we at Life Line always want to go to the schools and so our own inspection so that is what we did, we did three schools today; we did Libertad, San Narciso and Caledonia, the plan for Libertad is really and we looking at a, for this school is looking at a Computer Lab, which is very much needed so it is a construction of a physical computer lab and the donation of computers and we were also looking at the roof from the first building that was established here and the roof is bat infested and so we will be looking to see if we could make enough money to replace the roof.”

According to the Principal of the institution, Anjony Canul, the projects intended for the school could not have come at a better time.

Anjony Canul Interview

“We are pleased with the presence of Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow and ladies that work at the Life Line foundation of Belize, this visit was for the to view and to make their analysis and thereafter they’ll get back to us and then they will proceed from there; one definitely there will be a computer lab and the other will be either the replacement of the existing roof for the lower flat that we have or another classroom.”

The projects for the San Narciso Roman Catholic School and the Caledonia Roman Catholic School will come in the form of new classrooms.

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