Screen_Shot_2017-04-05_at_7.53.34_PMOn Monday, Minister of Education Patrick Faber confirmed that a million dollars has been set aside by GOB as compensation for teachers who showed up to work during the BNTU industrial action last October. That announcement however, didn’t sit well with the Belize National Teachers Union who are calling move ‘Union Busting’ in GOB’s part.

While the Opposition has already commented on the issue calling the Million Dollars move “A sign of a stubborn, immature and downright dangerous man who refuses to accept that he went up against the teachers and lost”, today the Christian Workers Union issued a release pledging solidarity to the BNTU.

In their release, which responds to comments made by BNTU yesterday on the matter, CWU president Dale Trujeque is quoted as stating “Like BNTU, we view the Government’s decision to distribute $1,000,000.00 among those teachers who chose not to participate in last October’s strike action as very poorly disguised union busting. Apart for the unmitigated hubris doling out a million dollars to specifically undermine BNTU and unionism generally in our beloved nation, CWU sees no justification for this reckless action, especially given the challenging economic times we are now experiencing and which will look likely to get worse.

In ending their release the president of CWU states quote “This million dollar give-away shows what poor losers Minister Faber and his Government are and serves as a powerful warning to all how far they are prepared to go to have their own way. This is dangerous and so very unnecessary, which makes it all the more sad,” unquote.

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