Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_8.11.14_PMToday 7,143 students from the 273 schools across the country of Belize (including those with special needs) sat the second part of the 2017 Primary School Examinations (PSE) at the designated examination centers. Those papers included the remaining two subjects…Mathematics and Social Studies. When it comes to the Orange Walk District, there were a total of nine hundred forty four students, of which four hundred seventy six of them were males and the remaining four hundred sixty eight students were females.

The results from the day one and day two papers are expected to be released within the first week of June where students will be provided with their individual scores as well as overall high school results. As is customary, the top twenty five students will be acknowledged and provided with high school scholarships, while the top three will receive additional awards at the annual Awards Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education.

The examinations commenced at 8:15 this morning and concluded sometime after 1:45 p.m.

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