Screen_Shot_2017-06-08_at_7.49.56_PMSome weeks ago PSU president Eldred Neal, was under much public scrutiny when he was caught making prejudiced remarks about the Garinagu community on a leaked recording.  Following that scandal nine of the 15 members of his council of management asked him to resign, but Neal would not go down without a fight.

Viewers may remember that on Friday May 19th it was stimulated that the PSU Council of Management had voted to suspend Neal, but he apparently did not attend that meeting, and maintained that he would fight it on the grounds of natural justice.

Well, today, the PSU Secretary General sent out a release confirming that Neal was suspended on May 19th, quote, "for inflammatory statements made via an audio recording that went viral."  It adds, "The letter (of suspension) has stipulated that Mr. Neal does not conduct any business on behalf of PSU and he is to return the assets of the Union until such time that his suspension is lifted."

The release adds that Neal cannot call a membership meeting, but he can make a request through Council of Management to be given an audience at General Membership Meeting.

And it also states, quote, "he has the right under section 20 of the PSU Constitution to appeal the decision of the Council and he has not exercised that right."

The PSU has written the Government, namely the Ministry of Public Service requesting special leave for the Second Vice President to take Neal's place but is yet to receive a response.  

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