This afternoon about 25 children attending the annual Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints summer programme got a special visit from Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos, who stopped in to talk to them about healthy eating and healthy living. The children are attending the 4-day summer activity which is organised by the teachers of the school every year. This year their theme is “Be Calm and Choose the Right”. One of the organisers, Esmir Castaneda, told us more about the initiative.

Screen_Shot_2017-07-18_at_8.04.19_PMEsmir Castaneda

“Every year the teachers of the children here at the church we get together and plan a four day summer activities under a specific theme, this year the theme is: Be Calm and Choose Right, we have this year invited different organizations to help educate our children, the first one we brought the dental nurse, today we have Mr. Rigo Vellos, Mr. Belize to teach them about keep their bodies healthy, tomorrow we are inviting the fire fighters so that they can help take care for themselves and others during an emergency or a fire, lastly we have the community police officer on Thursday who will be teaching the kids about bullying and avoiding being in a bullying situation and how not to be a bully. It is important for children to recognize that they are children of our heavenly father and it is important to foster in them good manners it is important to foster in them how to take care of themselves and also in doing so they can care for others and I think that is key, if our children in our society would know that then we would have a better society.”

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