Today Hon Patrick Faber also spoke on the Auditor General’s findings in particular those that dealt with the Ministry of Education. The Minister also expressed disappointment, but on the content which the Auditor General reports.


Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_8.25.43_PMHonourable Patrick Faber - Minister of Education, Youth and Sports

“I am disappointed in the fact that the Auditor General and her team or whoever the team was, went in to the ministry to do an audit I think it is the tertiary unit of the ministry that deals with the scholarships and when they found certain things they said well, Mr. CEO could you answer to these things, now the way I understand it but I may be completely wrong but I don’t think so that once you get in there and you are doing an audit and you find certain things you give the entity an opportunity to respond; it may be misinterpretation, it may be a misunderstanding and once that response is given you factor that into whatever report you will put out. Well, from what I’ve seen dealing with the portion of the ministry of education the questions that they raised even though the ministry provided a response which is tack on as a kind of an annex in the report, just this is the ministry's response, nobody bothered to go and addressed those concerns and to say that these concerns were valid or not valid in the report itself and this is for me very distressing because this reports calls people’s name and they put people there who are, good people who are productive people and you drag people through the muds suggesting that there could be some kind of impropriety when that is not the case, so my ministry certainly stands fully prepared once people get into the details and to talk about the issues there, I encourage to those to get a hold of the Audit Report to look at the response from the CEO that is attached.”


Following Friday’s tabling of the report, it will be submitted for review before the Public Accounts Committee at a later date. The PAC is chaired by Opposition member Hon. Julius Espat.

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