bntuThe Belize National Teachers Union and the Public Service Union of Belize today issued separate releases condemning the latest land hustle scandal at the Lands department as well as other allegations of corruption in Government Ministries under the United Democratic Party.

The BNTU in their release reminds GOB of one of the eleven demands made during their eleven day strike last year, that Belize become a signatory to the United Nations Convention on Anti-corruption (UNCAC) so as to ensure that these matters are investigated and calls on the Prime Minister to take the issue of corruption in our country seriously.

The BNTU goes on to denounce actions taken by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington who continues to call our borders into question insisting time and time again that our borders are not INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED and call on PM Barrow to advice the FM to “watch his words”

Like the BNTU,  the Public Service Union goes on to denounce the latest schemes of corruption on behalf of high government officials in the Ministries of Lands, Health and Public Works and calls on Government to carry out an extensive investigation into each of these ministries. The PSU further advices public officers to try their best to remain within the confines of their code of conduct to ensure that they are not left exposed when wrongdoings from Senior Government Ministers are brought to light.

In ending both Unions call on the Belizean people to stand together to call out these matters which threaten our country.

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