In honor of the thirtieth Anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF Belize along with the National Committee for Families and Children and the Government of Belize hosted the first ever National Children’s awards ceremony in Belize City on Friday night.

As part of the event children from across the Country were awarded for their outstanding contribution to our country in various fields including, Business, agriculture, technology, community service and arts and culture. Among those awarded was one of Orange Walk Town’s very own…15-year-old Sonia Garcia from Trial Farm Village who was recognized in the area of business.

Sonia works with her mom and sisters in her little business of making clips, earrings and other crafts which she then sells in her community, particularly at her former school, Trial Farm Government School. Today we visited Sonia at her home and she was more than excited to share more about her award and growing business with us.

Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_6.18.35_PMSonia Garcia

“It was very surprising that I never thought I would get something like that and I am very thankful with Mrs. Elvira who gave me the award and very excited and surprised mostly. I started when I was eight years old, my mother used to sow and little pieces of cloth would stay with her, beautiful scrap of cloth and she would start making clips and I think when I was ten she decided to make coconut art and then she told me if I could paint something and so my other sister got from apps and stuff like that and so then I started drawing in the coconuts and that is how we started building this up.”

While her business is just taking off, Sonia hopes to one day see her work in stores across the country.

Sonia Garcia

“For me it’s very interesting it’s like being a part of something more bigger, its part of my family and it’s a little business that its growing up slow but its progressing as it goes along.”


“What is your hope for the little business and your family for the future?”

Sonia Garcia

“Well, maybe we can become a little company to export maybe to Corozal, to Belize, to Cayo Stann Creek and going a little bit further across the country.”

Steve Martinez of San Joaquin Village in the Corozal District, is one of five children, who received special recognition at the National Children award ceremony held in Belize City on Friday, November 22nd.

Martinez was especially highlighted for his dedication to agriculture along with his family. In introducing Steve, the organizers of the award ceremony explained that at 12 years of age, he already knows various types of farming and even working with a slaughterhouse along with members of his family.

Steve, who currently attends Standard 6 class at San Joaquin R.C. primary school, received a plaque and a tablet from the Ministry of Education. We’ll find out more about Steve’s work in tomorrow’s newscast.

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