While a group of students pick up acting skills Donald Sandoval is also searching for talent. Sandoval, in collaboration with Savannah Wild Splash will be holding a Talent Search Competition on April 30th. Children between the ages of 7 to 17 who love to act or sing are to present themselves at Savannah Wild Splash for auditions.

Donald Sandoval- BADA

“We are looking for artist whether it is in acting, contemporary dancing, poetry, music and also singing.We are inviting all the school children who are on holiday to take time out and practice a lot and perfect their work. When it comes to the art we don’t have ways and everybody is so into school or works and importance is not placed in art. I feel that a lot of our children can perform much better when arts are involved in their daily work because it stimulates their imagination. Apart from that we see that when we have youths involved in alternative projects and events then it keeps their mind in something that is really positive and I want the young people to understand that crime is really the last resort it should not even be a resort. Get involved in things that express instead of getting involved in things that will inhibit someone’s freedom why not just express it.”

The aim of the Talent Search is to have children express themselves through art and to send out a positive message of constructive recreation. Children wishing to take part in the competition can contact Sandoval at the Banquitas House of Culture.

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