The Corozal House of Culture has embarked on its 6 weeks Summer Art Wave Program. Today we visited the house of culture and caught up with participants as they finished off their daily charcoal drawings. And since they were shy to go on camera, coordinator at the Corozal House of Culture, Deborah Wilks spoke to us about the work they were carrying out.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-23_at_8.05.22_PMDeborah Wilkes coordinator Corozal house of culture.

“This week we are actually midway through our summer art way program with the charcoal drawing and so what is happening this week is charcoal drawing and we have participants, mostly youths taking this program Monday through Friday this week and it is a basically we have an instructor, Mr. Benjamin Cal who is very well verse in charcoal and he is instilling his knowledge on to the students guiding them through these techniques using charcoal and charcoal to me is a very powerful medium, you don’t get lost in colors , is very much in your face and the students are excelling and turning beautiful pieces of art.”

Next on the agenda of activities for the house of culture is the string instrument lesson program.   

Deborah Wilkes coordinator Corozal house of culture.

“Our next program which will be lasting two weeks starting next Monday it is the string instrument workshop; Monday through Friday is starting July 27th to August 7th and it is from 1pm to 3pm, if you have access to a guitar or a violin we are welcoming you to come in to the house of culture and learn the art of a guitar or a violin and the instructor Mrs. July Ken from the Corozal Community College.”

Wilks invites the Community of Corozal to attend an encore screening of film festival this weekend at the Corozal Central Park.

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