750267_origDuring the Christmas season residents of Orange Walk Town are used to hearing the loud sound of firecrackers bursting. And behind that sound there is always a child. While many might say there is nothing wrong with bursting firecrackers, it does pose a risk for children especially if they are not supervised. And it also poses a legal risk for business owners because according to Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Selvin Tillett, while lighting firecrackers is something children enjoy and the sale generates high profits for business owners, it is also against the law.

Selvin Tillettt, Officer commanding Orange Walk Police Formation.

“Anyone caught with firecrackers, you can get permit from the ministry if you have an event you can write to that and you can get it but if you had without a license for discharging firecrackers or possession of firecrackers without a license or permit why we get heavy and serious on these things, many people might not distinguish between a burst of a fire cracker and that sound of a gun so many times the next day you wake up you find that a person is dead so as a precautionary measure we try to go down hard on these things.”

But even though it is against the law, the fact remains that during the Christmas Season firecrackers are on demand. With that in mind, officer in charge at the Orange Walk Fire station, Miguel Medina, had a few words of advice as it relates to firecrackers and the potential hazards it poses to children.

Miguel Medina, Officer in Charge OW fire Dept.

“Firecrackers are not made for children right but we will do some monitored if we do give them especially with an adult because children tend to throw the firecrackers to another children so first of all let’s keep them monitored when they are playing with those things and if we could avoid them don’t give them to play with it right because probably they could get hurt it can cause a fire if any children come around where it is flammable fuel the good things is that within the town limits there is no thatch roof buildings and could be safer for a while.”

Later in our newscast Tillett will speak about the popular acid bombs.

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