padronA man from the Village of Chan Pine Ridge is dead tonight after he was knocked down by a cane truck while coming from work at around 6:00 yesterday evening. When we arrived at the roundabout located by Bowen and Bowen Limited Orange Walk Branch, 38 year old Ismael Padron, an employee of the Belize Sugar Industry Limited for the past three years had already been transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. We understand that as a result of the impact, Padron sustained six broken ribs, one of which punctured one of his lungs. He also sustained a broken right arm and leg.

CTV3 news understands that Padron was traveling to Orange Walk Town to pick up his wife on his motorcycle when he was knocked down by this cane truck driven at the time by Miguel Rodriguez, a cane farmer of San Estevan Village.

Brother of deceased

El venia de su trabajo de B.S.I. y segun al parecer que el iba agarar la vuelta en el round about cuando el camion lo golpio pero no estamos seguros si el camion venia de esta direccion para salir o venia de Orange Walk I trato de evitar del round about para irse para San Estevan.”

Reports to CTV3 News are that Rodriguez was traveling from Orange Walk as if headed towards Belize City. But upon arriving at the roundabout, instead of taking the right lane as is required by law to enter the bypass, Rodriguez took the left lane and collided into Padron.

Miguel Rodriguez has been arrested and charged for manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention. Thirty eight year old Ismael Padron leaves behind his wife and a host of relatives and friends.

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