meeting_san_lorenzoLast week we told you about the “high-energy” gang members that have been assigned to work and live here in Orange Walk Town. The five men now reside at the San Lorenzo Housing Site and their presence has made the residents very uncomfortable, to say the least.

On Sunday residents of the community gathered at the San Lorenzo Park for a frank discussion about measures that can be taken to safeguard the neighborhood.

Present at the meeting were Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno, Mayor Philip de la Fuente, Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona and councilors Kevin Bernard, Josue Carballo and Rozel Arana.

Insert John Briceno- Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“Obviously we have a Government that is bankrupt when it comes to ideas that you will take your trouble from Belize City and bring it to Orange Walk that is not going to solve it. I believe that we need to give everybody a second chance but you won’t give them royal treatment and give them a special job so that they can’t do anything because they are not doing anything they are here on holiday. People are already saying that they are seeing strange vehicles coming to Orange Walk to meet with these people. We are a vulnerable society here in Orange Walk we tend to be more opened we tend to be more trustworthy of people. Residents in Belize tell me they love to come to Orange Walk because when they come here their kids can go over to the neighboring store and buy.”

Roselle Arana- Councilor

“We have to talk to we kids and you know what we need to know our balance with these people and monitor our kids because if these people leave from here they might start to make connections and make our kids be involved in other things. So we need to be aware.

Also present at the meeting was OC of the Orange Walk Police Department Joseph Myvett. Today he told us that in order to make residents feel safe he is implementing a routine patrol in the area.

Joseph Myvette- Officer in Charge OW Police Department

“Certainly we are in the process of increasing the patrols in that area as of today.”

Yari Catzim-Reporting

“This will be two officers, three officers, what will be their time?”

Joseph Myvette- Officer in Charge OW Police Department

It’s going to be two officers supported by a mobile team whenever the need arises, but we are going to maintain a presence there for as long as it takes for the residents of that area to feel safe.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Orange Walk Area Representative Gaspar Vega was invited to the meeting, but he never showed.

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