cancerOn Saturday morning the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group held its third annual Cancer Walk to remember those who have been taken away by cancer and to support those who have survived or are suffering from the deadly disease. The Cancer Walk is held every year on the day of the group’s anniversary and this year crowd participation was better than ever.

Orange Walkenos came out by the hundreds at the Establo Round About to take the long walk to the Central Park. Businesses, high schools and even primary schools gathered in groups in support of the worthy cause. For the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group the walk was a huge success. In fact, according to the group’s President Badra Coleman, the turnout even took them by surprise.

Badra Coleman- President Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“Every year Camy, we have been inviting the businesses the high schools, the primary schools but this year we were very, very happy that they decided to join us. Almost all the banks Belize Bank, Atlantic Bank, The Credit Union, Scotia Bank, they all came out, some of the high schools came out I thanks the teachers for pushing the students and letting them know to show their support if a wonderful thing.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporting

“Were you surprised when Saturday morning came and you were by Establo to see that so many groups came in support of the actual day of what you all were celebrating?”

Badra Coleman- President, Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“Yes Camy I tell you we were down at the central park because a group of us were there and we had ordered two bus and we needed another bus to take the crowd and so from there we thought that they were more people already up by san martin gas station and it was a great, great feeling to see them coming down that and the amount of people that came down.”

Presently the cancer group supports 20 cancer patients including 8 children. But with so many patients out there, the main objective of the cancer walk is to break the stigma and to make patients realize that there is help for the deadly decease if diagnosed in time.

Badra Coleman- President Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“One of the main thing is for them to not to be afraid. You know we still have that stigma that when people have cancer they don’t want to say it we want to know that cancer is just a word we want to know that there is group out here willing to support them some financially, emotionally, just to visit them, make sure that they are ok.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporting

“We know that probably on a daily basis you get visits from people or from family member of persons who are suffering from cancer. But do you thing we need to change that idea especially in women of not wanting to go to visit a doctor to find out if we have or if we do not have cancer?”

badraBadra Coleman- President Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“Yes Camy, the BFLA just ran a campaign for women and we were disappointed actually with the number of women that came out I know that things are hard but we need to take care of ourselves first. They will do the campaign in May again and we hope that the women come out and do their test because we are seeing too many cases of cervical cancer.”

On Saturday members of the cancer society group gave out more than 700 ribbons. For the group the number signifies that the message is getting across and that Orange Walkenos are in support of cancer patients.

Badra Coleman- President Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“I think that people are realizing that it is not anything to be ashamed of and if there is a group, just like the group we encourage them to go visit somebody else that has cancer tell them your story, give them that word of encouragement that they may need when they feel down. Some of them ask for us to look for persons to go and speak with. We work along with the survivors also who are not financially attached to us. We are very grateful to all those who came out to participate especially the community who provided for this to be success the raffle also we had fifteen business places providing prices for the raffle and we are very grateful o them.”

Through this medium Coleman would like to thank her membership for their hard work and dedication to make the cancer walk a huge success.

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