armandoForty-eight year old Armando Castellanos from the Orange Walk District has become murder victim number forty for the year 2011 after he succumbed to his injuries on Sunday April 24th. Castellanos, Nolberto Leiva and Carlos Alvarado, all employees of the Circle R Food Supply Company, were robbed at gunpoint by two masked men on April 12th as they arrived at the company’s warehouse located at mile 4 on the Northern Highway to park their trucks after a day’s work.

The incident happened ataround 9:00pm when Castellanos, who was traveling along with Leiva, came out of the vehicle to open the gate. As Castellanos opened the gate two men came out of the mangroves. While one of the individuals attacked Castellanos with a machete chopping him on the head, nose, both hands and left feet the other assailant placed a gun at Leiva’s head and demanded that he hand over the bag with the money.

As the individual searched a laptop bag which was handed over to him Leiva managed to escape by running into the mangroves. As the men set chase after him several shots were fired. During the chase Leiva fell and broke his left leg. The men got away with $6,000 in cash and $30,000 in checks. So far no one has been arrested by Police and the case has been upgraded to a murder investigation.

Today when we spoke to Castellanos’ wife Dona via phone, she told us that doctors have indicated that her husband died as a result of the injury received to the head. If Castellanos were to have survived his injuries it is believed he would have lost his memory and would have been paralyzed.

Armando Castellanos leaves behind his wife Dona and six children.

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