recoveredOrange Walk Police have been able to recover one H.P Printer, three C.P.U.s, two monitors, one photocopier and one computer keyboard stolen from the San Pablo Community School this past Friday. The stolen items were found approximately three lots away from the school inside an unfinished septic tank on Sunday afternoon.

Police believe that on Friday, sometime before midnight, a thief or thieves pried open a window leading into the schools kitchen. Once inside, the door to the teachers lounge was pried open. From there the burglars made their way into the Computer Lab where they stole a computer with all its accessories.

Two more computers, a photocopier and a printer along with $190.00 in cash and other small items were stolen from the principals office. The total value of items stolen amounted to $6,000. But as we mentioned despite the fact that no one has been arrested for the burglary, quick police investigations led to the recovery of some of the stolen items.

When we spoke to Principal of the San Pablo Community School Jose Morales this morning he told us that he was informed about the burglary on Saturday morning. The schools faculty and staff would like to thank two officers in particular for their excellent work in the case. They are Detective Eliazar Chuc and Detective Corporal Isaac Pascual.

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