SugarThe last time operations at the BSI Factory came to a full stop was on February 11th when the 2010/2011 crop was interrupted for more than 18 days due to two malfunctioning turbines belonging to BELGOGEN. Tonight news is that the factory is once again shut down and there is no indication when the milling of cane will resume.

Reports are that late last night the factory started experiencing some problems with their two boilers and the factory had to shut down. When we spoke to Chairman of BSCFAs Committee of Management Alfredo Ortega this afternoon he told us that the gravity of the situation is not yet know since the boilers need to cool down before work on them can commence. In the meantime it is uncertain how long the factory will be locked down.

Cane farmers are being asked to keep tuned to their local radio station for more information on when cane delivery will resume.

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