By now the horrifying images of children standing in the rubble of their homes after government-ordered terrorists stormed them before dawn on Wednesday morning will never be forgotten by Belizeans, and especially by those who lost everything they owned. The government has made no apologies and no attempt to offer assistance. That was left to the Opposition Peoples United Party and other organizations that moved in to do whatever they could to alleviate the suffering. Today we spoke to PUP Leader John Briceno who expressed his disgust at what occurred.

Screen_shot_2011-06-02_at_7.47.44_PMHon. John Briceno PUP Leader

“It is unfortunate that we have to be commenting on such a terrible event I think it is black stain for Belize that we could be so callous that we have a government that has displayed no sense of compassion for these people. As I mentioned yesterday this is 2011 and we do not treat people the way they were treated yesterday and I hold the government and especially the Prime Minister solely responsible for what happened it is inexcusable and I think that most Belizeans agree with me.”

Briceno pulled no punches in laying the blame squarely on the shoulder of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, who he says is the man that ordered the attack on poor Belizeans.

Hon. John Briceno PUP Leader

“Certainly the Deputy Prime Minister had already sent his people from lands to speak with them about having to get out and now the people from lands went in there along with the police and the goon squad from the other minister to go in there at 4:00am to break up then place so the order had to come from the DPM he had to give the go ahead for this people to go in and terrorize these poor defenseless people.”

Screen_shot_2011-06-01_at_7.54.05_PMAnd even with the UDP bearing all the responsibility for leaving these families homeless, they have offered no assistance, and this is where the PUP and other organizations have stepped in to do what they can.

Hon. John Briceno PUP Leader

“We immediately offered some sort of assistance, one our legal team of advisors including Anthony Sylvester went out to get out three of them that were arrested and one of them I think was a minor. We have offered the rest of the legal team to assist the rest of the people in weather there is any opportunity in suing the government for damages for emotional distress. Along with Belizean for Justice namely Mrs. Shakron we managed to secure a place for them to spend a week until they can be relocated we also arranged for a truck to go to the place and pick up their plywood and to pick up their possession so that they can be kept safe somewhere. I have written to the Prime Minister asking him to show some compassion for these people and to find a place to relocated them and to use be it the Ministry of Housing to try to assist them to set up a small house. As the Senior Deputy Party Leader Honorable Cordel Hyde mentioned yesterday this is all they have, they have nothing else and for a government to just go in there like a thief in the night to break down their homes and terrorize and dramatize these people especially the children I find this unacceptable and unforgivable.”

And from crisis to crisis to crisis under this administration, Briceno says all the signs of a failed administration are plain to see.

Hon. John Briceno PUP Leader

“We see a U.D.P Government going straight off the cliff or going to the reef as what Mr. Erlinghton so famously mentioned on television. We are seeing a government completely out of control, a government that has lost their reason for being in office and a government that are desperate they are drowning and are trying to hold on to every straw to safe themselves. But every move that they do continues to sink them deeper and deeper. Everywhere I go people are telling you that they are tired of this government, they are tired of the lies, the victimization, they are tired of the intimidation of the ministers and their thugs, they say they did not elect a goon squad they elected government but unfortunately for Belize at the end of the day all of us are paying this price. That is what has the country floating aimless without any sense of direction where people can’t get their homes, a piece of land or a passport. Everything is just breaking up to pieces in just a short three years and they say they did not vote for this.”

At news time tonight, there has been no apology from any member of government or any attempt at resolution. Two senior ministers of government, Hon. Boots Martinez and Hon. John Saldivar, have gone on national record to say in fact that they have no apologies to offer.

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