Yesterday we spoke to Orange Walk Mayor Phillip de la Fuente about the financial state of the Council which, in a word, is BAD.

De la Fuente was surprising frank about the dismal state of affairs at Town Hall, the fact that residents of town shouldnt expect much in terms of any real infrastructure work and the fact that staff shouldnt be too surprised about salaries and benefits being cut or…in the worst case scenario, the dreaded downsizing.

Usually politicians arent so honest, at least in this current era. Earlier yesterday wed heard a rumour that de la Fuente had been asked to step aside in the mayoral race, and we had to wonder if this newfound honesty wasnt based on the fact that this would be the Mayors last turn in the ring, so to speak. So of course we asked him…

Screen_shot_2011-06-01_at_7.48.58_PMPhillip de la Fuente Mayor, OW Town

“I still will be contesting the upcoming Municipal Elections and I have not been asked to step down by anyone so it is not a trick question as far as I know no one else has applied for the Mayorship in the upcoming Municipal Elections.”

Of course, political fortunes and intentions can, and have changed overnight so well just wait to see what happens.

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