One of the scandals that were protested outside of the House was that of former Junior Minister Elvin Penner for his involvement in the sale of a Belizean Passport to a South Korean who is detained in a Taiwanese jail.  The news was broken late last week when word came out from Belmopan that he was fired from Cabinet when Prime Minister Barrow became aware of the incident.  Inside of the House this morning, Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca questioned why nobody else has been reprimanded for this incident.

Fonseca-Passport-Scandal-300x225Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition

Mr. Speaker, we and the Belizean people have to hold the prime minister responsible because he is the one who appointed the member for Cayo Northeast to this position of Minister of State with responsibility for immigration knowing fully well, he knew, he knew that he was creating a very, very dangerous situation by doing that.  He knew, it was well documented before the elections, during the elections and after the elections, they knew it was well documented that this particular member for Cayo Northeast had abused the rules and regulations governing that department, he knew it.  It was, the expressed concerns came not only from us in the opposition but it came from people in the private sector, it came from people in the social sector.  So the response of the prime minister after the election, in appointing this man, this individual, the member for Cayo Northeast to this position was effectively saying, you know, a slap in the face of everybody who expressed concerns about this particular individual knowing that it was a recipe for disaster, that it would eventually lead to the very kind of scandal and problems that is affecting us today and giving Belize a black eye. 

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