A 14 year old Mennonite boy from the community of Shipyard in the Orange Walk District suffered a horrific death this morning while working at a quarry located at Camp Nine. The boy was literally squashed to death after he fell into a heavy machine used to break down huge rocks. The incident happened at around 9:30 this morning and our news team was the first on the scene. We must report that some of the footage captured was too gruesome to be aired. Reporter Irvin Aragon has the story.

Screen_shot_2013-10-03_at_7.47.44_PMIrvin Aragon – Reporting

Death found its way into the Mennonite Community of Shipyard this morning and claimed the life of 14 year old Peter Reimer, whose life was tragically ended by a machine used to crush huge boulders.

The horrific incident played out at a quarry located in Camp Nine in Shipyard sometime around nine thirty this morning. When we arrived at the scene the badly mutilated body of Reimer laid in the back of this pickup truck waiting to be carted away to the Northern Regional Hospital.

Pieces of Reimers remains were still visible inside the crusher. It was evident that he suffered a horrendous death. Members of the Mennonite community, who spoke to us off camera, obviously still in shock from the gruesome scene, told us that the 14 year old had been working at the site for quite some time. His responsibility was to ensure that the machine was functioning well.

And that is exactly what he was doing when he met his untimely death. Reports are that Peter was on board the machine when he attempted to jump from one side to the other. Peter did not make the jump and fell into the vibrating platform which feeds the crusher that spins at a very fast speed.

Seconds after Peter fell into the machine, his co-workers turned off the equipment but it was too late, Reimer was already dead. His body was already crushed so much so that parts of it had already made its way out of the machine and was headed towards the pile of dirt.

Shortly after members of the police department arrived at the scene, Reimers body, or at least what was left of his body, was retrieved from the depths of the machine. Reports are that Reimers head, internal organs and feet were completely crushed.


Of note is that police has questioned most, if not all of Reimers co-workers. Investigations into the matter continue.

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