Screen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_8.28.04_PMIn the sitting of the House of Representatives yesterday, things ran smoothly for the better part of the morning. But as we showed you last night, the House soon turned into a boxing ring as things got pretty nasty as members of Parliament snapped very personal slurs against each other.

Tonight we bring you the very thing that thing that triggered the chaos – land matters. Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai made reference to the land controversy surrounding the Guadalupe Park in Orange Walk East but then proceeded to present yet another case in which public land has once again been privatized in the same constituency. This time, the matter surrounds a land where the former East Polyclinic was once located. According to Mai, the paper works for that parcel is in the works and is to be given out to a UDP stalwart working at the Lands Department in Corozal.

Abelardo Mai – OW South Area Representative

“I again want to agree with Prime Minister that land department is another hot bed of corruption, so we agreeing on many things today. Most recent and most interestingly, who could write down this file number, file #977/2012, is on the corner of Flamboyant Street and Ceibo Street in Orange Walk Town, member for Corozal Bay, that is where the Louisiana Polyclinic is, right there, permission to subdivide that parcel was granted to one Fiona Liu, they chopped the parcel in two, it was 37 meters first in length and they made it to 23 meters, there are two parcels there now, that is public land and they gave it to Mrs. Fiona Liu.”

According to Mai, the land documents for this transaction are currently in process. As was expected, the ruling party of the House did not just sit back and accept the accusations made against them. Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega struck back. And here is his response.

Gaspar Vega – Deputy Prime Minister

“Mr. Speaker first of all I would like to tell the representative from Orange Walk South, that I will start with the later part, the description that he gave with Fiona Liu I will investigate and I will let you know, I am not aware of it.”

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