Belize_Police_Dept-BPDpolice_logoResidents have called our studios to make complaint of what they say is an increase in crimes such as robbery and assault. While the Orange Walk Police Formation says that this is not the case, residents say they are growing tired but most of all concerned about their safety within the town. One of the reports reaching us alleges that a young man who was headed home after mass was assaulted at the corner of his house.

A group of boys allegedly approached him and punched him. The report adds that it may have been just for the mere pleasure of the attack since the young man had no money on him and the boys took his cellular phone and threw it to the ground.

A second report indicates that a man was assaulted and robbed of his bike by SP and Western Diaries on Progress Street. Another report states that on the same street, someone riding a bike snatched a woman’s chain from around her neck in broad daylight. Another report claims that a house on Dunn Street has been burglarized and neighbors witnessed the thieves making their escape but when they turned to the police, authorities said they could do nothing.

There are many of these kinds of reports being made to our news room but are not being reported since people are frustrated and they say that they feel making a report to the police station is an utter waste of time. 


The police say however, that once a crime is committed all persons should make a report to ensure that police have it on file and can follow up on them. Second in Command at the Orange Walk Police Station Selvyn Tillett, says they cannot act if there is no report filed and urges the public to make such reports. Tillett says however, that according to their records, petty crimes are not on an increase.

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