drug_traffickingAuthorities in Orange Walk made a significant bust early this morning on a feeder road about 2 miles south of August Pine ridge Village. According to police, based on information received, an operation was launched which netted drugs, firearm and ammunition. Deputy Commanding the Orange Walk formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett, says their intelligence units have been increasing their patrols in these crime prone areas which have resulted in convictions and arrests.

Inspector Selvin Tillett – Deputy commanding OW Police

“They searched a house, find a male person, when they entered the house they found a 16 gauge shotgun which the person had no license for, 6 16 gauge cartridges, 1 20 gauge cartridge, further search within the lead to a discovery of 386.3 grams of suspected cannabis, the male person, Matilde Ku, was informed of the offense thereafter the police continue searching and in the yard they found a clearing which had about a hundred seedlings of marijuana so he will be charged for cultivation of marijuana and also they found two bags containing suspected marijuana; one weighting four pounds the other weight nine pounds a total of thirteen pounds of marijuana plants and so at this moment this persons has been charged of two counts of drug trafficking and he was charged for kept unlicensed firearm, two counts of kept unlicensed ammunition and one count for cultivation.”

The operations are carried out at sporadic times and most of them have been successful.

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