no-image-available2Last week Friday we told about a decision from the descendants and village elders of San Jose Nuevo Palmar in the Orange Walk District who had voted to fast track the election process of a new lands committee for the village. For context, descendants of the village have accused the current lands committee in the village of mismanagement of land and money.


This decision however, is questionable as it is being held without the authorization of the land trustee which is the government.


In February this year, villagers met with representatives of the trustee and formed a committee to develop a voters list that would be reviewed by the solicitor general’s and lands department offices. After that was completed, the date for election would be set.


But for residents Government is taking too long to review the voters list and set a date for the elections so on the night of Thursday August 28th they decided that the election of the new lands committee would take place yesterday Sunday.

But as we reported, Commissioner of Lands Wilbert Vallejos said that he was waiting on approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources to proceed and since he hadn’t gotten a reply, the formation of the new committee would not have been valid if the election was to be carried out.


When we contacted Chairman of the Village today, Orlando Balam, he informed us that the move to elect a committee was put on hold since they got a phone call from Vallejos and Solicitor General that a meeting will be arranged for tomorrow Tuesday. The elders, descendants and village residents will converge for that meeting at the Community Center at 10:00am. We’ll bring you the outcome of the meeting in tomorrow’s newscast.

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