Following much scrutiny about the deaths of 13 infants at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in May of 2013, the paediatric intensive care unit has since seen been retrofitted. While the circumstances surrounding this move cannot change the perception of the public opinion or provide consolation to parents who lost their babies, yesterday in Belize City the re-opening of the neo-natal care unit signalled a new leaf for the highly scrutinized public care facility. And while the new unit seeks to provide quality care for neonates and 800 thousand dollars was invested to revamp the unit, the interest of the media was shifted to the Ministry of Health administration after they had found out that another of the Ministry’s designated and newly acquired Toyota Hilux was stolen from off their compound. This incident brings the total of stolen vehicles from the Ministry to 3 since July of this year. And while it raised eye brows and the incidents shrouded in mystery, our colleagues at 7news held back no punches when they interviewed the Minister of Health Pablo Marin about the incidents. Here is that exchange.

Jules Vasquez

"How do you feel about all these stolen vehicles that continue and 3 already this year?"

Screen_Shot_2014-09-16_at_7.52.05_PMHon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health

"It is sad to say, but if you can notice all of these vehicles that are being stolen is based in Belmopan. There are some kind of group trying to do mischief or selling these kinds of vehicles. We are trying to put as much hand on it. Right now we are moving where the guard was some cameras. We are trying to see if we can get GPS in our vehicles because we don't know exactly who it is. We leave everything in the hands of the police. That's about it."

Jules Vasquez

"Sir, only your vehicles are being targeted. Obviously this is a Ministry of Health type thing and someone has to be held accountable. We can't even get a picture of these vehicles, nobody cares enough to say see a picture here. At least when the one was stolen from Central Ms. Melinda Guerra, I must praise her - call us in, gave us security footage, and gave us the picture of the vehicle. But in this case in Belmopan like everybody okay they thief a new Hilux, next."

Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health

"That's not true. What we did immediately we call the police. The bad thing is that we don't have any camera to show you the kind of vehicle, but definitely you can get the model and you can find out exactly what kind of vehicle. Maybe the ministry was a little bit slow in talking to the media, but yes we did respond to the police."


"Do you believe that someone in the ministry is working along with these group of persons who are stealing these vehicles?"

Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health

"I really don't know. You notice they stole also the Mayor from Belmopan vehicle and I think one from Agriculture Department. I think it's not only the Ministry of Health."

While the matter is being investigated by police, in two years, a total of 4 vehicles have been stolen and only one has since been recovered.

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