Screen_Shot_2014-10-16_at_6.39.20_PMThe incessant rains in the Toledo District are wreaking havoc in that municipality as flooding has been reported. The hardest hit area so far is Golden Stream Village where as many as one third of the families residing in the community was flooded out of their homes as a result of torrential rains on Tuesday night and on Wednesday. Other parts affected by the flooding are villages along the Southern Highway.

Toledo district coordinator for the National Emergency Management Organization, Kenton Parham, says 17 persons were evacuated and were being given emergency shelter in Big Falls Village. Teams from NEMO-Toledo have been out doing assessments in flooded areas and are reporting that flood waters are also affecting Blue Creek and Aguacate Villages. Commuters and motorists should note that bridges in both communities are now closed to vehicular traffic with as much as 3 feet of water covering the bridge.

NEMO has begun to provide assistance to families affected by flooding and remains activated to help persons needing help in areas where flood waters are slowly starting to recede. Residents are also being asked to keep monitoring the flood waters and be prepared to evacuate if the need arises.

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