altares-uady-660As we have mentioned before, the 31st of October and the 1st and 2nd of November, are very unique days in the Maya calendar as it marks the celebration of Hanal Pixán or Food of the soul”. In this 21st century the celebration of the Hanal Pixán is very rare and according to Coordinator of the House of Culture in Corozal Town, Deborah Wilkes, the culture is actually disappearing. With that in mind, the Corozal House of Culture, in collaboration with NICH, organized two lectures for students on the importance of the Hanal Pixán and the importance of keeping the culture alive.

Debora Wilkes - H.O.C

“Today we are honoring the Maya tradition of Hanal Pixan so our objective today was to reach out to our community and to our educational institutions and promote the tradition and honored as well so toady we have two lectures on and one this morning with Mr. Roy Rodriguez and this evening at 1:30 we have another lecture, calling out students from our local community and engaging with them on the celebration of the duly departed, I see they are engaged and I believe this is a dying tradition here or at least in Corozal Town and this morning lecture Roy was very much engage with the students and they were standard three so they are on the young side for comprehending all of this but they were very much interested, questions were being asked throughout the lecture, it is their heritage and the House of Culture is trying to bring that back and this celebration is something that goes one on the opposite side of the border, in Mexico is very much alive and this is our ancestry and our ancestors and so in Corozal I think it is very important to bring back such a tradition as this.”

Despite all odds, the aim of the Corozal House of Culture is to keep the tradition alive.

Debora Wilkes - H.O.C

“Last year we had a competition with the schools and that was minimally attended but this year I see more schools coming out I would say and that excites me, I see in the future that next year definitely we are going to take this out to central park, across the border you see the communities involve and engaged with their heritage and with that they are setting out their own alters whether it is an organization or private or educational institution out their presenting this great tradition so with this evolving system I am going to bring it out next year in the central park and I am very much excited to get the community involve whether it is the elders or the younger generation embracing this culture tradition as opposed to an American tradition of Halloween.”

Over a hundred students attended today’s lecture at the Corozal house of culture.

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