no-image-availableThe Prime Minister Dean Barrow was scheduled to attend the CARICOM-Cuba Summit in Havana, Cuba. According to the international press, Caribbean Community leaders would discuss ways of strengthening relations.


Given the circumstances in the sugar industry however the Prime Minster found himself back in the country in an effort to settle the longstanding impasse in the Sugar Industry. How will this impact his previous commitments? The press asked him and this was what he responded.


Honorable Dean Barrow- Prime Minister Dean Barrow


“I don’t think so I had my CEO get in touch with the ambassador and believe the foreign minister actually had a meeting with him late Friday when it appeared, no it was Friday that we made the decision when it appeared that I could go but he know how much I had wanted to go he felt it very important but surely this for us is so very critical that they will understand.”

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