BSIIt is only a little over a month since the 2014/2015 sugar crop commenced and so far the reviews have been positive. Today, in speaking with International Relations representative Mac McLachlan he reiterated that good news and even commended cane farmers for the quality of their cane which he describes as excellent. McLachlan added that the mill has also been performing well. The work being achieved, he says, is a good step in the right direction. As we have reported several times before, the season has for the first time seen changes within the industry as two new associations have signed contracts with the company forcing changes in the operations. McLachlan says the relationship with all stakeholders has been good and work on the strategic development plan has commenced.

Mac McLachlan – International Relations Representative, BSI/ASR

“We are all cooperating well together and I commend the Association for doing that and at the end of the day there are three Associations, there is a mill and there is a government but there is one industry and that industry has to cooperate together, that is exactly what we are doing and yesterday we had a very constructive meeting of the Association and the mill and the government about the strategic development plan we are trying to tend to look forward now and we intent to have a lot of those meetings in coming weeks where we can iron out our difficulties and see how we can overcome them, so I think there is good cooperation and I encourage all those side to continue to maintain them.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“In your meeting yesterday were there any particular points that stood out on behalf of all stakeholders?”

Mac McLachlan – International Relations Representative, BSI/ASR

“Well, I think we are looking at a whole range of issues they are all interconnected with the industry it is about improving cane productivity it I about getting the right investment climate to expand the industry here in the mill and to build is and the need for credit for cane farmers there is a whole range of different issues but we are sitting down and talking about them forming working group to work with each individual things and it is my hope that in the short period of time we have a very cohesive strategic development plan for this industry in which cane farmers through their own Association and the mill and the government will be comfortable to sign it and to move and to start implementing it.”

Four weeks into the crop, the factory has milled two hundred and two thousand one hundred and ninety seven tons of cane, two thousand one hundred and fifty four tons less than what was milled last year. The sugar produces however supersedes that which was produced last year during the same time.


The factory reports that for the four weeks of crop they produced twenty three thousand eighty five tons of sugar, a little over three thousand five hundred more than last year in the same time frame.

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