yolandaJuly 29th would mark exactly three months since Yolanda Gomez, was placed on Administrative Leave by the Board of Directors of the institution. Since her suspension as General Manager of LICU Gomez has not spoken to the media and there is little that the Board of Directors has said about the situation. Gomez’s suspension and reports of an investigation being carried out by Central Bank prompted a number of questions from the institution’s members/owners. But those questions were never answered to their full extent. And tonight it’s no different. But what we can tell you is that Gomez is no longer the General Manager of the institution she captained for 24 years.

In a lengthy release issued by the Board of Directors, members/owners are informed of Gomez’s termination. Here is what the release says.


At the end of the release the board states and we quote “The board also wishes to reassure our members-owners that daily operations continue, including the processing and approval of loans. Our members-owners are requested not to be misled by rumors and to allow the process that will soon be completed, to take its course.” End of quote.  And while the Board of Directors does not wish to prejudice the case, another major area of concern to members is their dividends.

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