The Attorney General also provided an update on two of the highly questionable land deals. The first one is the compensation deals for Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts that the Attorney General was looking to overturn and bring to a head with orders that will force Vega and Pitts to return the monies – all $800,000 of it.

The second is the land deal involving RON J Company limited, the company which according to leaked documents the Ministry of Natural Resources under Gaspar Vega sold for six thousand dollars then bought back for a cool million. The Attorney General said why this particular case will require a more intense review.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-13_at_8.04.06_PMAttorney General Vanessa Retreage – Attorney General Ministry

β€œRon J file has gone through, it has let us down another course and I will be making a release on that shortly, please appreciate that I have been looking into it, I really have, and I intend to make a release before I leave about what will be done in relation to certain companies connected to that company that you named in relation to the Vega/Pits file, specific questions were put to the Commissioner and the CEO based on those questions that file was sent to the Attorney General ministry for the Solicitor General to provide advice to me on that, he has also been instructed to inform some of your colleagues late last week to prepare the claim forms before those are going to be filed before the end of the year as well.”

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