Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_8.00.12_PMTwo senior Ministers in the Barrow Administration, Anthony “Boots” Martinez and Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro made their grand appearance before the Senate Select Committee, marking a first for the body since it began conducting its probe into the Auditor General’s special audit report released last year. And just as the Ministerial presence set a new mark, so did the confrontational atmosphere that ensued with both testimonies by the Ministers. Perhaps confrontational is an understatement, and you can be the judge of that, but the angry responses and personal attacks were hard to miss.



First, however, by now most Belizeans know that Martinez and Castro were both mentioned in the testimony by Alvarine Burgess along with allegations that they were involved in the facilitation of visa applications for a price of $2,000 per application. Burgess nor the alleged specific visa hustling scheme appear in the Auditor General’s report, but the serious report is being looked into by the investigation. This is what had Martinez and Castro extremely unhappy today and they made it known to all.

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