As part of their mandate to pave and upgrade a vast majority of streets in Orange Walk the town council is currently engaged in the reconstruction of San Francisco Street.

Today as the project moved into its second stage we visited the area and caught up with Mayor Kevin Bernard who had a message to share with Orange Walkenos when it comes to traffic safety in the area.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“It’s a very lengthy road and I would want to plea to drivers that when this road is completed, please this is not a highway, it’s a residential area people live in these areas and you need to respect the speed limits and we need to understand the traffic laws specifies what your speed limit is we will need to replace some pedestrian bumps I think at the back coming of the boulevard into this narrow lane and I think there was also another bump by the Jehovah Witness Church and I think a little further down we will have to replace all of these bumps after we put in the second coat and so I want to ask residence to be also cooperative with us because at the end of the day we can’t just put a bump after the first coat it will not do justice to development that we are trying to make so I want to appeal to our residence especially when you are using this road just like drivers, pedestrians and people on bicycle and motorcycles we need to be careful we have seen it on new road that we have paved people are speeding and it should not be that way we are upgrading these streets because people deserve an improvement in this area, this has been long awaited.”

According to Mayor Bernard, the project is seeing another month and a half until it is completed.

Screen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_8.06.32_PMMayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“How these guys work, I mean I call tell you that I believe that in the next two three weeks we should see the entire priming of this entire road I believe and then we should see the actual paving I would say by the end of August we should see that this entire road has been paved at the same time we should be working on Palma Alley that little section that links San Andres road and the little extension that links to San Pedro Street so those two will be the ones that we will be working on in the meantime I must also say that while we are in this area some of the same materials that we have taken off from this road will be use to refurbish a few streets like for example the San Juan Alley had some issues so we are going to be putting some material in there just to leave the street in a good driving condition and then there is the little San Victor Extension we are hoping that we can manually pave that by the end of September, October so that at the end of the day people would be able to traverse here and travers into San Victor of at least good roads.”

Residents are once again reminded to exercise caution when traversing in the area and to keep up to date with their taxes to ensure that the works continue.

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