Screen_Shot_2018-02-07_at_7.56.25_PMEarlier this month we reported that after several years, individuals who reside on Cemetery Street here in Orange Walk Town will benefit from a fully functional police substation. The initiative is one that was proposed by the Orange Walk Town Council after numerous concerns were raised by residents in the area as it relates to the issue of criminal activity. The proposal was warmly welcomed by the Orange Walk Police Department which joined forces along with the council and the business community to ensure that the work is carried out.

As you can see from the footage… today, the project has come a long way as the old building which previously served as a substation a few years ago, has now been rehabilitated and is expected to be officially inaugurated on Monday February 12th, 2018. The aim of the initiative is geared towards allowing officers to promptly respond to reports and incidents in the immediate and surrounding areas, while building a safer community.

We understand that the newly rehabilitated police substation will be equipped with proper electricity, water and restroom facilities.

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