danny_daniel_sosaAccused murderer forty-two-year-old Hilmar David Alamilla, today once more made his way into the Orange Walk Magistrates Court where the preliminary inquiry to determine if the murder case brought against him following the shooting death of twenty-four-year-old Orange Walkeno Daniel “Danny Boy” Sosa back in July of last year, would proceed to the supreme court.

Inside the court room, the prosecution proceeded to submit the evidence gathered against Alamilla along with the witness list to be used during trial, before magistrate Albert Hoare.

Family and friends of the late Danny Sosa, police officers, and the remaining eye witness in Dany’s killing are among the nineteen witnesses lined up to testify at Alamilla’s trial which is scheduled to commence at the Orange Walk Chapter of the supreme court in April of this year.

In court earlier today the prosecution also made an official note to the court stating that their witnesses are being intimidated by friends of the accused, adding that the remaining eye witness remains in fear of his life following the shooting death of Gustavo Hernandez, who was also an eye witness in the case.

Viewers may remember that Alamilla was arrested and charged on Saturday July 29th for the brutal murder of Danny Sosa, whose body was discovered inside the parking lot of D-Victoria Hotel with a single gun-shot wound to the head a few hours prior. Investigations at the time lead to Alamilla as being one of the last persons to have been seen with Sosa the night before his murder as both men accompanied by two other individuals were seen leaving D Gym Club in Alamilla’s pickup truck, after a night of socializing. That same truck would later be found by police with a bullet hole clearly visible in the glass window of the passenger seat, leading police to believe that that is where Sosa received the fatal wound.

We will continue to follow this case and report any update.

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